Saving Money Never Felt So Healthy

Bloggers Make Smart, Healthy Choices on a Budget with Blue365®

Update 11/13/12: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thank you for your interest!

Staying healthy is about making good choices every day, and this fall season is a great time to get into a healthy routine.

BlogHer and Blue Cross Blue Shield Association asked bloggers to check out Blue365, a national program offered by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to members of participating Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Companies that makes it easier to incorporate fun, healthy activities into your budget.  Find out what healthy choices these bloggers made by reading their posts below and enter for a chance to win one of two $500 Visa gift cards to use towards your health and wellness!

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Stay Healthy for Less

Have you heard of the Blue365® program? It’s a program unlike anything else offered by other healthcare providers! Blue365 is a national program offered by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to members of participating Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Companies. This program offers deeply discounted products and services to members through a Groupon-like feature to help make healthy lifestyle choices easier....more

Who Doesn't Love a Deal?

What is Blue365®? According to the Blue365 website - Blue365 offers exclusive health and wellness deals, keeping you healthy and happy, every day of the year. It's a national program offered by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to members of participating Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Companies. Think Groupon or LivingSocial for members of Blue Companies. Who doesn't love a deal these days?...more

On a Quest for a Better, Healthier Lifestyle

Being a teacher, I always think the start of my year begins in the fall – not January 1st like the average person. The first few weeks before school starts, I shop for new clothes, get a haircut, make new lesson plans for my students, and purchase school supplies. Every year, it’s a brand new fresh start – and not just professionally. This year, my personal goal is to get back into shape....more

Ten Healthy Decisions to Make This Fall

Fall is the perfect time to start making healthy, smart choices. Here are ten tips to get you started on a path towards staying healthy! 1. Make a plan for cold weather workouts. I know when I have a plan laid out in front of me, I’m more likely to get a workout in. Even if I end up doing a different workout instead, I’m much more likely to do SOMETHING, rather than nothing, if I have “workout today at X o’clock” already on the brain. Think about what you’d like to do with your time this winter....more

Simple Ways to Improve Your Life

With the holidays and cooler temperatures just around the corner, it's the perfect time to get outside, get healthy, and get back in the habit of making smart choices every day. It always feels a bit overwhelming to get back on the bandwagon of healthful living when I've gotten out of the habit, however I've found that if I only focus on improving 3-5 little areas of my health at a time, it's a little less daunting....more

Five Fall Health Tips

It’s now October and finally starting to feel like fall around here. Unfortunately, a lot of people look ahead to all of the upcoming holidays and decide to “give up” on healthy living until January. Hiding under thick sweaters and scarves is tempting, but it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle as the holidays approach. Fall is a great time to make smart and healthy choices for you and your family....more

Let Go of the Lazy Days of Summer

I love autumn! It is my favorite season of the year. The trees in New York City begin to put on their autumn dress in October, and the city parks become breathtakingly beautiful! I love autumn's bounty of bright orange pumpkins, wonderful harvest fresh fruits and vegetables, and I even enjoy the chore of raking the leaves! The crisp cool weather rejuvenates me both mentally and physically, and encourages me to let go the lazy days of summer and get back to pursuing healthy habits....more

A Healthy, Happy Life Means Getting Myself Moving

When it started getting cooler out and it was clear that fall was approaching, I began stressing about my shoes. Specifically, the shoes I will wear when walking outdoors. This used to be simple for me, pre-bunion injury. But now that I've learned the importance of supportive shoes the hard way -- for everyone, not just for people with injuries -- I didn't know what exactly to do. It's too cold for my beloved Birkenstocks, and I needed shoes that were supportive but also nice enough looking......more

Cross My Heart

We have been fortunate enough to have our health insurance covered through my husband's membership in the Screen Actors Guild throughout most of our marriage. That includes, if you're counting, 3 births, yearly wellness exams, ongoing treatment for Lyme Disease, and numerous trips to our local Urgent Care Center because that's what you do when you have 3 children. Since our coverage is through a Blue Company, we're able to take advantage of a program offered for members, called Blue365®....more

Fit by the First

Fall, fall, glorious fall! So what if I had to go all the way up to Yosemite to find this yellow leaf and the Phoenix temperatures are still 100 degrees during the day?At least we are starting to have a bit of coolness at night. In fact, when the sun goes down, 83 degrees feels almost chilly. Almost. With the oppressive summer heat fading away, I see more and more people venturing outdoors. We've been shut in for entirely too long and can't wait to take a jog, enjoy a family bike ride, or go to the park....more