A Healthy Recipe for Blueberry & Oat Muffins

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[Editor's Note: Muffins are such a great Sunday morning treat, but I often choose not to make them because they feel, somehow, unsubstantial—I'm hungry a mere hour later. This recipe, though, is lower in sugar and is much more filling than the average muffin recipe, and offers that comfort of a freshly-baked breakfast treat with so much more satisfaction and less guilt. Give them a try with summer's ripe blueberries! --Genie]

Blueberry and Oat Muffins with Sea Salt

These muffins won't promise to be fluffy or super sweet. Instead they are a little heavier and very moist. And, might I add, so yummy considering they have less than 1/2 the calories of a regular home-baked muffin, a very small amount of sugar, and no flour or oil.

You can easily eat 2 of these, feel full and satisfied, and not worry one bit about "muffin" top.

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