Blueberry Banana Coconut Chia Muffins

Banana Coconut Chia Muffins


How do I know when my gluten-free  muffins turn out to be just right?  Well in my opinion, they need to pass the 3 “Ms” test of course.  Here are my indicators:

  • When you take the first bite you make the “Mmmm” sound. 
  • It is decadently Moist.  
  • The best part is it Melts in your mouth.  

 As I popped these blueberry banana chia coconut muffins into my mouth I thought “Mmmm, not bad at all”.  I had many coconut muffin failures in the past and this one is a keeper (also kid-approved) which I will definitely make again.

I came across this recipe after buying a bulk of Nutiva coconut flour during our Costco run last week.  I almost placed it back on the shelf, but noticed a recipe on the back that caught my attention.  I was definitely sold and imagined so many variations of this recipe.  For this one, I followed the recipe, but added banana and mandarin zest and squeezed out the juice.  Initially, I almost used lemon but I wanted to add something different.

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