Blueberry Raspberry Bars

We can all pretend that these are okay to eat for breakfast.  They count as fruit.  If we all agree that it's ok then the calories don't count.  Power of the masses.  The antioxidants from the blueberries cancel out the fat in the butter.  It's science.  Who are we to question science?  

See?  Look at those berries.  They're a vision of health.  Health ccoovvered in sugar.  That's mostly how I like my health anyway.       

Actually, I like it covered in sugar and then surrounded by flour and butter.  Listen guys, I'm no nutritionist but I'm pretty sure it's ok to eat fruit like this.  The key is moderation.  Don't eat the whole pan in one night.  Just eat half the pan at night and the other half in the morning.  It's good for the digestion.  

Ok, I'm lying a bit.  It's not good for the digestion unless you have it with a giant iced coffee.  Now we're talkin'.  Iced coffee, sweet buttery goodness and a magazine.  On a Saturday morning.  In summer.  Wearing pajamas.  That's the best way to enjoy these bars.  

I mean, if this recipe doesn't make your mouth water then you need to see a doctor.  And while you're there ask about my antioxidant/butter theory.  I may be off on the science.....

Recipe here, at Annie's City Kitchen!



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