Blurred Vision

At a young age I had to start wearing glasses. It was unfortunate for many reasons… mostly because it was the early 80’s and there were some funky eyeglass styles back then. I have the pictures to prove it… again, very unfortunate.

I was so blind without my glasses. I literally could only see clearly the first 6 inches in front of my face. The rest of the world was blurry. I can remember losing, misplacing really, my glasses and having to blindly search for them. Once I found them, it was such a relief because I could actually see again… my world came into focus.

There was a time during my junior high years (before I wore contacts) that I refused to wear my glasses because I thought I looked like a dork with them on. Hindsight… I probably looked more like a dork without my glasses running into things. I could never see where I was going. I just stumbled along through those days.

Slowly my vision changed and the way I handled my lack of vision changed too. I wore glasses (or refused to), then I went to contacts, and finally I got the Lasik procedure done… each step helping to give me better visual focus.

All these years later, my vision still gets blurry. Not my eyesight vision, but my perspective vision… the view of the world around me. Sometimes my world is blurry… sometimes I misplace my perspective… sometimes I blindly search for clarity… sometimes I stumble along on my journey… sometimes my priorities are out of focus.

It is in these “sometimes” that I am reminded that the solution is as easy as the days when all I had to do was remember where I left my glasses. I’d search and search until I found them… retracing my footsteps… reflecting on where I might have left them… figuring out the last time I saw them.

When I follow these same steps to find my perspective… I always lead myself back to the same spot… God. My vision is regained when I look up and refocus on God. He is my world, my perspective, my clarity, my guide, and my priority… He is my looking glass. When I look to God for focus, only then is my vision clear.

I had a “sometimes” moment recently...when my vision was blurred. I was overwhelmed with the obligations in life. I was focusing on those obligations rather than upward. I thought I had lost my perspective. Then, I found it in God… turns out I had only misplaced it.


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