BLW and Halloween Updates

It's an update of sorts, both food/kid related, and kid/Halloween related.  Either way, I guess I'm covering an update for each kid so it's all good! Except I'll apologize now (again, and again) for my shoddy sewing (couldn't sew a straight line even with the fanciest Project Runway machine), and my up-close pics!

We have a Halloween countdown going on, in the form of figuring how much work I need to do in planning/sewing/supply gathering for our costumes, and talking through it with a 6 y/o every Saturday morning over a fine, full breakfast always including waffles or pancakes.  I have a number of cups of coffee so that helps me focus, too.

It's the first time I've made more than one costume for Halloween, and had to the time to do pre-planning.  I thank Sillyboy and his uber fondness for Mario this year.  I'm keeping myself simple and am going as Luigi, so I started with a felt prototype from some leftover felt.

I like to call it felty-shabby-chic so no one will complain about my uneven stitching. "It's supposed to look like that." And it's a rough draft, since the green felt isn't the "right" color for Luigi.  It also gives Sillyboy something to play in with as he runs around the house shooting things with Nerf darts, at least.

The spiked shell is coming along nicely, especially after I gave in to just hand-sewing a majority of it (the parts that wouldn't fit under the sewing machine arm, no matter how much tugging I did) during a viewing of Hugo (lovely film, btw) over the weekend.

I have a small update for baby led weaning (BLW) as well; small but momentous because everyone is happier.  I had stepped back and tried more finger foods instead of large fry-like shapes of veggies, including things like the baby cheetos I mentioned here.  We give a 50/50 mix of cheerios and cheetos at first, and then dive in with other finger foods.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday, and called for mac-and-cheese.  Not exactly super healthy or homemade this time; it was regular ol' blue box- but made with vegan butter, at least.  Sillyboy loved it along with some peas and carrots.  I boiled a small extra portion of peas/carrots for about 20 mins. stovetop, so they were just soft enough for Bambina.

Then handed just a few separated pieces of the mac-n-cheese, and boiled peas/carrots to Bambina.  I figured out not to give her too much at once, because I learned it the hard way!  She focuses on grabbing each tiny piece with the pincer grasp, and immediately popping it her mouth.  Too many pieces hanging around, and she'll toss them to the floor.  Just a few; just enough for her.

And once it's all gone, I keep adding more. Surprisingly, she's so content with feeding herself, that not a lot of food falls into her lap or the floor any more.  It's like she figured it out- that the food needs to get to her mouth.

I have to say, that when Sillyboy was her age, I was following a 'recommended' schedule of solids/purees. I don't know that he had a ton of finger foods non-spoon fed before he was 1.  And there's no way he was self-feeding finger foods himself this young even with cheetos!  I now carry a small container of the cheerios/cheetos with me, but otherwise she can feed herself.

What kind of Halloween updates do you have?  Has everyone decided on their costume?  How is BLW coming along for you?  What changes have you made to improve how your baby eats?

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