Bobie, My Pet Dog is Snorning at Night!?

Oh, my pet dog Bobie starts to snore at night! Ok, here is the story. Bobie is my pet dog. He is Pomeranian. He is now 6 years old. And we have been friend for almost one year. This winter is a little bit cold here. I decided to get a new bed for Bobie because his bed looked cold and not neat. My friend Leon suggested that I should get one new bed for him, and there are so many dog beds online available at wholesale price. I searched the Internet, and found a lot of websites do sell beautiful dog beds. After comparing the price and the service, I chose one on This website has its exclusive pet supplies brand named CleverDog Brand. After placing my order, I received the bed 3 days later. Then I changed this newly bought bed for Bobie. But he did not seem to sleep well for the first 2 days. Maybe that was because he was not familiar with his new home. The next evening, amazing thing happens. That night, I got up to the rest room. I heard him snoring! Bobie was snoring! He was enjoying the comfort, I guessed. He glanced me a sec, and went back to sleep! This was the first time I heard him snoring. Yep, he is snoring every night now! Dropship Supplier