Body Belief: A New Paradigm in Body Image, Weight Loss & Inner Connection

Body Belief is my process and my product.  A blog, book, workshop and online program.  It starts with my blog - the incubator for my work and experimenting with the process.  During this year (2013) I will be following the principals of Body Belief and blogging about my experience.  

Body Belief is about creating a new paradigm about body image, weight loss and inner connection.  Statistics show that 95% of diets fail, yet woman continue to diet.  There is a better way.  Body Belief is about identifying the habits, beleifs and behaviors that continue to create the struggle.  I call it the Fat Operating System.  Once identified, a new operating system can be developed and implimented.  It is a whole new approach.  One that begins with self-acceptance and compassion.  

Follow me and see how this new paradigm plays out in my life and watch Body Beleif unfold.