Body fat and your brain

Ready to lose some weight? Good, because so is your brain. 

Losing weight- by exercise OR surgery- can reverse the negative effects that body fat has on the brain. Here are some interesting points:

1. If you're obese, you have a 35% higher chance of developing Alzheimer's-compared to your peers of "normal" weight.

2. In a study of obese women, researchers found that their brains metabolized sugars faster than the "normal" weight women. Aftr undergoing bariatric surgery, they showed improvement in the sugar metabolism and they performed better on cognitive tests compared to before the surgery. This was especially true for executive function (used for planning and organizing.)

3. There are a lot of theories as to why extra body fat harms the brain. They include inflammation, insulin resistanc, stress hormones, disruptions in hunger signaling, oxidative stress, and more.

Here's what I read:


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