The Body I Have Today

The body changes over time. This isn't a new concept. Male or female, the body changes and one accepts this as fact.

As a woman who's had a child, my body has changed dramatically, in some ways. I'm not the only one this had happened to.

Sometimes though I wonder my place in the world when it comes to my changed body. These changes happened over time, but relative to overall changes a body undergoes, the changes happened in an extremely short period of time.

What I see brings up some rather mixed emotions. There's a sense of disgust and disappointment, but also a bit of pride. I am proud of all that my body has been capable of. I am proud that my post-baby body is quite similar to my pre-baby body.

This is me now. One from last year and one from about a month ago.

me now collage

Yet, it also means something in that I don't really want my body to be seen.

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