Body Image, Weight and The Internet

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Last week I read Ashe's post 5 Quotes from Adele on Style, Beauty, & Body Image. Ashe's post sparked a discussion about body image, self confidence and then Internet. We decided to take on this topic today on our blogs; you can read Ashe's post over at her blog.

Caught In Between

Though I've been an average weight my whole life, as a teenager it became painstakingly obvious that the cultural ideal was the skinny, pale skinned beauty queen. And, minus the paleness, I would never be her.

However, somewhere down the line, the norms online swung another direction and not toward beauty or thinness, but on self confidence and positive body image. And that self confidence was only attainable to women who were overweight.

As someone who is an average size, I feel caught between two warring beauty norms. I know that this new shift is very empowering to many women, but it initially left me feeling like I would ever feel positive about my body.

The first time I remember feeling this way was after watching the film Real Women Have Curves. I was a Resident Assistant at the time, and I remember sitting in a Hall Director's office and telling her how I didn't relate to the movie at all because I wasn't overweight. And even more so, I felt so left out by a film that was supposedly wanted women of all sizes to accept themselves. I fell through the cracks as an average woman.

I'd be lying to say that I've made some sort of revelation and I have a 100% positive body image. But what I can say is that like most things in life, it's a work in progress that I am willing to do.

I believe any woman can feel confident at any size. She doesn't have to be ideal whether that ideal is stick thin or more voluptuous. Or maybe she's in the middle just like me.



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