Body-less Body

The body lies still before the panic.  The face get’s numb, the hand’s, the full metal jacket.  The attack is breathless.  Feeing like heart failure.  Leaving the body lost.  Bi Polar is like an animal clawing it’s self out it’s cage.  In summary, thing’s are more worse than you may realize.  Unable to breathe.  My lung’s are full of your guilt.  I’ve reached my limit.  I’m going to choke.  Detect my tears before they fall, for falling means failing, and failing is worse than dyeing.  Sadness lies within the lining of the body and mind.  It hurts and contours with every bend you move.  It makes you want to die.  We’re at the same bend, amazed by the same images.  I’m Bi Polar and I can’t help it.  Our infancy is crucial.  Against the grain, amongst the stain.   There’s no way out, of a monster’s mouth.  At the end of the hall, you’ll always find a wall, or a door, or a corner.   A moment goes by so fast.  But sometimes tiny moments don’t stop.

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