bodycology® rich&creamy™ Reviews and Sweepstakes!

bodycology® rich&creamy Reviews and Sweepstakes!

UPDATE: The sweepstakes have now ended. Winners will be notified shortly. Thank you for your interest in this promotion!

10 BlogHer reviewers recently started their day with the intense hydration of new bodycology rich&creamy Body Wash and Body Lotion. Available in 6 fabulous formulas, rich&creamy improves your skin's moisture by 153% immediately and is clinically proven to lock in moisture for 24 hours.

Check out each of the reviews below to learn which formula each blogger preferred to soften and nourish her skin. You can also find out which formula is right for you by taking the bodycology hydration quiz on Facebook!

You have 10 chances to win a rich&creamy gift basket of your own from bodycology! Share a comment on each of the 10 blogs listed below, 10 people will win a gift basket worth $100!

Brenda from Secret Agent Josephine maintains a busy schedule. "I'm picky about lotions and I don't have much use for fancy soaps." See what she likes in a body wash and lotion. Read more…

Charlotte from The Great Fitness Experiment
puts a lot of thought into her skin. "While most of the time it does a miraculous job of keeping me healthy and happy, my one complaint is how dry it is." Find out how she keeps it hydrated. Read more…

Nina from Momma Go Round tries to fit in some personal time while being a mommy. "One of my favorite ways to refresh and rejuvenate myself after a long day of food fights, toddler chasing, laundry, momma duties is a nice, long, hot shower." Read about what else revitalizes her. Read more…

Kayla Aimee from Kayla Aimee: Only Slightly Neurotic says that as the seasons change, so does her daily wardrobe. "It's summertime in Georgia, which means switching out my usual uniform of jeans and a t-shirt for shorts and camisoles." Learn how she keeps her legs from looking dry in the heat. Read more…

Katie from When Hello Means Goodbye
enjoys trying new beauty products. "I’m convinced my skin is more moisturized and softer than ever!" See what else she liked about the bodycology Body Wash. Read more…

Alison from Wardrobe Oxygen was stuck in a beauty rut. "While the body wash and moisturizer I was using was fine, I felt that my skin was still dry and looking dull." Find out how her skin feels now. Read more…

Kristen from The Frugal Girl
loves the feel of a good body wash. "It works great, smells wonderful, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy or dry...just clean." See who else in her family enjoyed the lotion too. Read more…

Megan from In this Wonderful Life
likes to be informed about the products she uses. "I love trying new products and anything that will help my skin stay soft is always a plus!" Find out what she learned about improving her skin’s moisture. Read more…

Katy from no big dill leads a busy life with many sets of hands and feet to worry about. "We have plenty of skin around here that is always in need of moisturizing." Learn how she takes care of her family's skin. Read more…

Kelsey from Vanilla Joy didn't have dry skin until moving to Utah's drier climate. "My body wash and lotion weren't doing me any favors." Read about how bodycology soothed her dry, itchy skin. Read more…

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This groundbreaking collection marries benefit-driven formulas such as Skin Softening, Hydrating and Advanced Healing, with specialty fragrances that treat the senses. 


Like bodycology on Facebook and take the hydration quiz to find out which formula is right for you.


The sweepstakes runs from August 1, 2011 to August 14, 2011 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. See official rules for details.