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recycling is a daily routine for most of us now, but i can tell you exactly when i was brought into the game.  it was freshman year, and my roommate and i (mostly my roommate) knew that the best way to power through the day was with vast quantities of sugary, caffeinated beverages.  but under no condition was i allowed to throw the soda can in the trash after i had finished.  the roomie was pretty militant about this. the bags full of aluminum cans that piled up under our sink always got strange looks from people who stopped by, but a few found it amusing enough to add to our collection from time to time.  and so a lifestyle was born.

i have upgraded slightly from the bags under the sink....but not a lot.  my recycling bin these days is an old drawer from a chest that was in my room as a child.  it was headed for the dumpster before it found its purpose (or repurpose) in life.

i recently decided that it needed a little sprucing up, so it got the once over with some cobalt blue paint.  i then used a little crafting paint to give it some coral and metallic highlights.  it's nothing fancy, but it looks a lot more chipper now.

the only issue i am having now is that i might want to use the drawer as a planter.  because with all this nice weather, i am starting to have visions of a garden box on my deck.  but no worries old roomie, wherever the drawer ends up my cans will still be recycled!