Boil. Season. Chill. Refreshing Summer Beet Soup With Crunchy Garnish

My grandma and mom used to make this refreshing soup very frequently in summer.  It was typically made from young beets — tender bunch beets no larger than 2-3 inches in diameter. The idea here is to extract as much flavor and color from the beets as possible in the shortest possible time.  Then you just season and let your soup cool down, chill if desire, and add some flavor and texture variety straight into a bowl.

Summer Cold Beet Soup

This soup will not make a meal, but it will make a refreshing starter or a snack.  It will give you a healthy punch of vitamins without taking itself too seriously, and a burst of purplish-red color will cheer you up along the way.  One of the best selling points (besides the flavor that is) is that it cannot get any easier to make, which is a quality not to be overlooked on a hot summer day.

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