Boko Haram, a Golden Opportunity for Islam

By Mounir Ghaly

Glaringly missing from the international community sending help to Nigeria in the latest crisis of Boko Haram is any representation from Islamic countries! For two decades Islamic countries have been telling the world that violence committed by Islamists is not part of Islam. During that period, Islamic organizations worldwide have cried out "Islam has been hijacked". Therefore, participating in bringing justice to Abubakar Shekau, the Boko Haram leader, would

go a long way to underscore the Muslim community’ stance on Islamist violence which has become a major destabilizing factor to world peace.

To be sure, a number of Islamic countries - governments and people- suffer from internal sieges by Islamic fundamentalist groups. An extreme example of this is Egypt, where fundamental Islamist forces managed to take control through the ballot box, became the government, and then began to roll out Sharia laws, curb women education, and tacitly allow vicious attacks on minority populations; just as Boko Haram is doing in Northern Nigeria. That, until the good Muslim men and women of Egypt through the Tamarod movement which collected more than 22 million signatures to oust the government, gained support of the army and threw that government out at great costs to human life and economic infrastructure.

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