Bolivian Street Food: Llauchas (cheesy Empanadas with a chilli kick!)

Bolivian Llauchas

I am crazy about street food. I think that there is nothing more authentic when travelling, than trying out the street food that the locals love.

Llauchas are one of Bolivia's ultimate street foods. They are cheesy 'Empanadas' that are sold very early in the morning in the streets of La Paz (where I was born), offering an option for breakfast-on-the-go.

Empanadas are basically small pastry or bread dough filled parcels that are baked or fried. Different versions of the same concept  - such as the Indian Samosas, the Italian Calzone, the Cornish Pasties in the UK and even the Chinese Spring Rolls -exist across the world, but Empanadas are hugely popular across Latin America and one can find many varieties of sweet of savoury ones.

I have a great great recipe to share with you, it has been adapted from one that a very good friend of my mum shared with her a few years ago. It's a bit more refined than the Llaucha you would find on the streets and has the added twist of containing a bit of Aji  Colorado,  which is a typical Bolivian dried chilli powder or paste, that adds colour and heat to many Bolivian dishes.

The process is a bit laborious, but once you bite into one, still warm from the oven, you will agree that it was well worth it!

I invite you to pop over to this address for details and photos of every step of the process...

Bolivian Llauchas


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