BOLO: Be On The Lookout

Be On the LookOut!


Do you have a weakness for shows like NCIS where the crime-fighters are always issuing BOLOS—Be on the lookout for . . . I like to pretend that I'm following a BOLO as I journey through the day--playing with my favorite toys, which are words. What if you were on the look out in your work and daily life for mundane words, lists, emails, memos, etc. that you can glean some poetry from? Trust me: You can do it.


At a recent meeting where our superintendent of schools spoke, he passed out a memo of Vision Moments-Goals-Hindrances. While I sat through the meeting, I wrote three poems based on items on the list: “Pigeons at Roosevelt,” “”Restrict to only one entrance,” and “Vertical Teaming by subject.”


Also, be on the lookout for lists or table of contents items that can be made into poems without even adding your own words. You can use your Ipod songlist or pieces of stored text messages or the first words in the last 10 or 20 emails you received.  Just put together words and phrases from the lists and see what you come up with.

Be On the LookOut for ways to put your creative spin on life and journey with words you find there.



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