Bones: The Future in the Past (Review)

Where we left off: Season 7 of Bones was a shorter season to accomodate Emily Deschanel's real pregnancy (which was written into the show). Booth and Brennan are getting ready for the arrival of their child as well as working together on different cases. As the season continued we were introduced to a new villian named Christopher Pelant who is a tech genius and is never put in jail for his crimes because they couldn't prove he did anything. Pelant put his sights on Brennan and framed her for murder but before she could be arrested Brennan, with the help of her father and Booth having no knowledge of this plot, took her new baby girl and went on the run leaving. So what do you think will happen in tonights episode? Any thoughts on last season or where you want this season to go?

Bones the Future in the Past Review

What Happened:

The show starts 3 months later with Brennan is outside showing Christine pictures of Booth (cue "aww" moment when Christine said Dada when she looked at the picture of Booth). Brennan's dad is course there to show support for his daughter and help her out. Booth is clearly unhappy being relegated to the desk (do you blame him) and is apparently "stalking" Pelant...which again do you blame him. We also found out that Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd) has taken over Dr. Brennan's office which has caused friction in the office.

Meanwhile Dr. Brennan, while on the run, apparently has time to work (great work ethic) and has uncovered remains for the team (the remains belonged to a former Guidance Counselor of Pelant’s). Of course creepy Pelant, while watching the news, sees Angela at the crime scene holding a flower that Brennan has left for them (Angela has been in contact with Brennan for the last 3 months). Booth heads to Atlantic City and has a sweet reunion with Brennan, of course he didn't know it was going to be Brennan but once he realized who it was the kissing began. It was such a sweet scene to see Booth reunite with his daughter as well.

The Jeffersonian team is hard at work trying to get Brennan off the murder charge and bringing Pelant down. We find out more and more how insane Pelant really is, that scene in the cemetery where Hodgins was choking Pelant was definitely creepy when the mad man started smiling. The FBI questions the team after he figures out that they have been communicating with Dr. Brennan by placing flowers in certain areas (until of course Pelant figured it out). Back at the cemetery Brennan's dad Max showed up and right away knew that Pelant figured out the system and said out loud to Pelant, that he will not lead him to Brennan but instead to Mexico (cue shot of Pelant looking uber creepy).

At the Jeffersonian, Hodgins tells Cam that she needs to take Clark and everyone else out, which of course is code for letting Brennan in the office so she can take a look at the remains. Sweets shows up and while he is uncomfortable with helping he agrees to stay. Of course Brennan figured out what happened to counselor and all they need is the murder weapon. Meanwhile, Booth gets the FBI to arrest Pelant for hacking into the FBI computers. Brennan figures out that Pelant used a sword to kill his teacher. Cam gets a warrant to search Pelant's home and the sword is brought in for testing, it's a match, and Pelant is taken into federal custody for murder. Meanwhile, Angela figured out how to clear Brennan of murder and of course she is cleared. At the end Booth is given back control, he gets his desk back, and Dr. Brennan can resume her place at the Jeffersonian. Dr. Edison also gets to stay on at the Jeffersonian, so see everyone is happy in the end (and thankfully Brennan dyes her hair back to brunette...the blond was not working for her). Alone Brennan apologizes to Booth and thus the making out begins (in the laundry room of all places) but all good things come to an end when Caroline calls Booth to tell him that the Egyptian government is taking over and bringing Pelant back to Egypt because according to them he isn't Christopher Pelant but an Egyptian citizen. As he is leaving the office, Pelant gives Brennan a marigold which means pain and grief, Booth throws it away but FBI agent (whose name escapes me right now) picks it up out of the trash. Could he be working for Pelant?

My Thoughts—First off, it was great seeing Bones back and it is nice to have a full season. Now getting to tonight's show, I actually really enjoyed it. I knew that Brennan would go back to the Jeffersonian by the end of the episode (we couldn't have her on the run for the season) but it was still interesting to see her make her way back. I also love the "big bad" that they have in Pelant, he is seriously such a creepy character and while he has a brilliant mind, he can do so much damage. The ending was a nice little twist that I didn't see coming (Pelant erasing his identity and making him an Egyptian resident was brilliant). I am really looking forward to seeing how this particular bad guy is going to be officially caught and put the justice. What are your thoughts on tonight's episode? What do you think is going to happen this season?


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