Bono in Washington, DC

I have to push down all of my stalker tendencies today. I was listening to the radio this morning, and the DJ slyly let it slip that Bono is in town today to talk to some senators, most likely about getting more aid for Africa. Let's face it Bono and DATA are pretty much one track minds, aid for Africa, aid for Africa, aid for Africa. I don't think Bono has much time for dinner with me, right? Especially since I would want him to pay. So I have decided to be a little respectful and not hang out in the lobby of his hotel flirting with the concierge trying to figure out what pseudonym Bono checked in under.

Bono was in Philly last week accepting the National Constitution Center's 2007 Liberty Medal jointly with the organization he co-founded, DATA (Debt Aids Trade Africa). The Liberty Medal is given every year to a group or organization that "demonstrated leadership and vision in the pursuit of liberty of conscience or freedom from oppression, ignorance, or deprivation."

In the past this award has been given to world leaders and visionaries such as Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr., Thurgood Marshall, Jimmy Carter, Viktor Yushchenko, Hamid Karzai and Sandra Day O'Connor. Bono and DATA are in good company.

Bono, with DATA have been critical in such acts as persuading the G8 nations to agree to $25 billion dollars in assistance for Africa by the year 2010, debt relief for African nations, education for the treatment and prevention of HIV and much needed medications for HIV and malaria in Africa. How many lives can they save? Millions, kind of makes my day look boring.

So tonight I will let Bono enjoy his evening in nation's capital without worrying about the strange blond in the lobby of the hotel wearing the big sunglasses, who looks like the same girl standing outside earlier at the Senate, who also looks like that girl who followed him into Starbucks around lunch time. I will stay in tonight and watch a new episode of House. There will be other occasions to stalk Bono, when he is not doing so much damn good in the world.

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