Boo Appetite! Boo boli pizza squares, fast, easy, and deliciouso says Chef Gioioso

Hell0 Mamas!!

Kiss the cook, it's Kimberly here and I would love to share a recipe with you that I sort of whipped up one day when I was in a pinch! Since then it has been a most requested party appetizer. How do I know its good... well I grew up in my italian immigrant grandmothers kitchen and I learned a few things, I loooovveeee good food! Even my very irish.. straight from the boat Brother in law can't stop eating them  and he only eats steak tips!! hahahaha!! Oh ya and my kids too!!! BINGO!!

All you need for ingredients is this...

Boboli Pizza Crust I like to use their 100% Whole Wheat Crust

2 packages of Mozzarella 

3 quarter pound of Prosciutto 

Olive oil  (just giving a shout out to my Uncle Pelino in Italy who makes olive oil !! You may use what you like! 

4 small plum tomatoes 

a clove of garlic


Step cut up the BoBoli pizza in 2" squares... 

Step 2.. you spread olive oil sauteed in garlic over the squares

Step 3... you cover each square with a piece of prosciutto cut into 2" squares or like me and just tear a piece off and place on the square crust!

Step 4.. you can place a slice of tomatoe or any vegetable of your choice.. (don't be afraid to get creative!) Food is Fun!!!  I experimented with eggplant on the dish I did for this post! After the veggies you add a slice of mozzarella!  

BoBoli collage


Bake at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes until the cheese is melted and...................


BoBoli Pizza squares

 I must say I have a passion for food and growing up watching (in awe) my grandmother pull out endless ingredience all healthy and natural food and whip something up so delicious you seriously can not stop eating and when you finally do, you vow never to eat again!! hahaha!! People seem to love this appetizer! Its easy to eat, you just pop them in your mouth. I will warn you.. you can't just have one! In my family though that is a sign of a good thing!! 

Boo Appetit!!!! 

Kim apron 3                                   This Haute apron would make a great hostess gift! You can find it here

Hi, it's Kate here-and all I say is Kim walks into a party decked to the nines carrying a platter of these, grown men weep and women beg for her secret.  It's all in the oil I guess!xo Kate who is still your BFF even after being left out of the great eggplant experiment.  Dont' let it happen again, 'kay?


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