Boob Job After Breastfeeding?

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I was stunned to find out from this discussion in MckMama's forum how many moms would want breasts implants after being done with having kids or breastfeeding. I asked around on Twitter and again the same response: most moms who replied would want a boob job.

I had small breasts before I had my son -- barely an A cup -- and breastfeeding has been the best boob job I could have asked for! My breasts are a size bigger and I would love it if they'd stay this way, but I'm bracing myself for them to deflate and go south after 4.5 years of breastfeeding. And I'm okay with that.

I can't imagine getting breast implants, for many reasons.

I can't imagine risking and going through that elective surgery, and I don't want a foreign body in my body. That must feel so odd! I'm looking forward to getting back into shape and I think big boobs will only get in the way.

Plus there is the cost - I'd rather put that money toward my son's college fund. But maybe a lot of the women who get breast implants have enough money that they don't have to choose between one or the other.

I'll op to wear my deflated, small boobs proudly after the marathon of breastfeeding they have been through.

They'll be my deflated badge of honor. Nothing a push-up bra can't fix.

Is there a chance that I might change my mind? I guess there always is, but they are slim.

Only if they find a less invasive way to make breasts bigger, like pump them up like a bicycle tire.

You want perky, fake-looking breasts after being done with having kids? You think that is going to make you happy? Then go ahead and have a boob job.

I'm simply stunned how many moms would consider getting breast implants. I guess I always thought that fake boobs are mostly a Los Angeles phenomenon, because so many women have them there.

I totally understand women wanting a breast reduction because of back pain, that's a medical reason. I just think it's a sad commentary on our society that so many moms feel the need to "fix" their bodies after having children to feel better about themselves. As if moms are damaged goods.

Moms are not damaged goods -- our bodies did something amazing: they created, carried, and birthed new life! That should be the focus, not an extra inch of sagging skin that only your husband/partner sees.

Some women never breastfeed their babies because they believe the myth that breastfeeding causes breasts to sag, and that is simply not true. As a breastfeeding advocate, this has me throw my arms in the air with frustration.

Multiple pregnancies and smoking, not any length of breastfeeding, cause breasts to head south, as documented here and here.

Many babies and mothers never get the health benefits of breastfeeding because of a silly myth and misinformation, which is so unfortunate.

Nursing a baby, even for a short time, gives the baby so many health benefits for years to come, and there are many health benefits for the mother, like being less likely to have certain cancers.

Plus, the fact that a mom would decide not to breastfeed because of vanity to loose her perky boobs shows how wrong our society's priorities are. Unless those moms are ignorant about the benefits, I find it superficial and selfish to not breastfeed for this reason alone. Perky breasts or giving my child the milk that it is specifically designed for him, let me think...

I really thought women had become more self-assured. I guess I was wrong. It still seems to matters more what society thinks and many women feel bad enough about their bodies that they are willing to do something so invasive, painful, and costly as getting breast implants.

People sexualize breast so much that they forget what breasts are for -- for feeding babies! And it's a blessing if you are able to do it.

Women die after having plastic surgery. Just the other day I saw a TV story of a mom who had saved up for elective surgery for years and died, leaving her two kids without a mother. Those outcomes are rare, but are you willing to take that risk? I agree with Gina, The Feminist Breeder. She tweeted: "Not risking my life for boobs."

Plus, what kind of message are we sending kids, especially girls? That mommy needs to fix her body after having kids? For that reason alone I wouldn't do it.

My body looks different after having a child, but I knew it would. Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows that it changes your body. But sagging breasts are a small price to pay for having given birth to my son -- I'd do it all again.

I'm in no way happy with all of my body. Believe me, I struggle just like the next woman with feeling sexy and pretty. I'm unhappy with the extra pounds I've put on, but I'm not defined by those 10 extra pounds -- and fake boobs are not on my wish list.

A flattering bathing suit is.