Boobies and Uniform: A Recipe for Criticism

In a recent article, Military Moms Breastfeeding in Uniform Stir Controversy, Yahoo! Shine Senior Editor, Lylah M. Alphonse explores the outrage surrounding a picture of two military moms breastfeeding their babies while in uniform. According to Alphonse, some are so taken aback by the photo, they charge the women's conduct is equivalent to "urinating and defecating in uniform." To others--like me--the photo is no more offensive than a female congregant bottle feeding her baby in church.

Criticizing mothers for how and where they choose to feed their babies is nothing new. Lately, it seems one can't flip on the TV or open a magazine without seeing campaigns against formula feeding babies or breastfeeding in public. What's missing in all this is the part that's so important: these women, regardless of the methods and places they choose for feeding their babies, are providing essential nourishment and love. Shouldn't this be where we choose to focus our attention?

Read the rest of this article, titled Hush the Fuss: Why We Must Stop Criticizing Mothers, on Yahoo! Voices.


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