Book Club Friday

Tonight is the official first meeting of my book club, graciously put together by my sister (a new mom).  I am excited to get out of the house and am ready for some adult talk.  Of course, I am the only mommy taking the kids, but its my sister's house and my boys' home away from home (and DH is working again tonight).

We will be discussing Twilight by Stephenie Meyers


I love this book and have finished all 4 books in this series.  The movie will be coming out in November- I can't wait.

A little background...Bella moves from Sunny AZ to Washington to live with her Dad.  Edward, the youngest son from the Cullen family, quickly catches her eye.  He is gorgeous and mysterious. 

I know not a great synopsis, but I will go into further detail after my Book Club meeting. 

Is anyone else on Team Edward? 

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