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UPDATE! I now have two hard-cover copies of Alive Again by Dr. Howard Samuels to give away to two lucky readers! Visit: www.soberandskinny/bookclub to enter!

Alive Again

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BOOK CLUB?  Oddly enough, I've never belonged to a book club before, so I know nothing about running a book club or organizing one .  The impression I have is that a bunch of people read the same book and then discuss it. I imagine it has to be a book that inspires discussion or debate. I've been toying with this idea and think this is the way to start...



I've been asked to review the book Alive Again by Dr. Howard C. Samuels, the founder of The Hills Treatment Center in L.A., and one of the leading experts in the world on drug and alcohol addiction. Dr. Samuels is also a recovering addict, having spent 16 years of his life addicted to cocaine and heroin. This description of the book was sent to me:

"A powerful book on addiction recovery by a doctor who overcame addiction himself, the renowned founder and president of The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles. Howard Samuels is one of the world's leading drug and alcohol addiction experts who runs the prestigious The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles. Decades ago, from the age of sixteen until he was thirty-two, Dr. Samuels had his own intense struggle with addiction to cocaine and heroin. Using his own compelling story as inspiration as well as case studies of his patients from all walks of life, Dr. Samuels shows how readers can recover from alcoholism and drug addiction by following this 12-step program to happiness and fulfillment in sobriety. This self-help book provides hope, inspiration, and prescriptive advice for those who want to recover as well as guidance for friends and family members seeking help for someone they love.

  • Written from the unique perspective of a recovering addict who has helped thousands of people overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs
  • Shares with readers for the first time in book form The Hills' world-renowned treatment program
  • Tells Samuels' personal recovery story as the son of a prominent politician and businessman among the rich and famous in New York and Washington
  • Contains a groundbreaking prescriptive program showing how to work each of the 12 steps
  • Examines the cause of addictions, relapses, and fallback addictions
  • Contains important information for family and friends of those struggling with addiction, including steps for intervention and healing
  • The author appears regularly on TV"

I've also been given the possible opportunity of interviewing Dr. Samuels when I'm finished with the book, so you can all submit any questions you have when you are done reading it and I can ask them! I'm trying to get discount for anyone who wants to read the book along with me, or maybe I can do a  book give-a-way, or something like that. I'm working on it! The book is being released on April 9th, and I will follow-up with this information soon, so don't order the book yet.

I think it sounds like a great book to start with, given the fact that we can ask the author questions when we're done! If you want to be a part of the book club just fill out a comment box with your name so I can get a list. The more people interested, the better deal I'll be able to get. (I’m totally guessing when I say that. I've never done this before, remember? It makes business sense to me, though.)

UPDATE: I now have two hard-cover copies of Alive Again by Dr. Howard Samuels to give away to two lucky readers. Just fill out a comment box here to join the book club and your name will be entered in the drawing next week!

One week ago I had never hard of him, but I've done my homework and I think this could be a great experience for anyone who wants to join me. Of course, I am NOT getting compensated in any way for this review so my opinion of the book will be genuine. You can find more info on Dr. Samuels and The Hills Treatment Center here:

I hope to be reading with you soon!


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