Book Club of Two: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined.

I am beginning this book today. This entry is for my dear online friend Bruce and I (and anyone else who wishes to join in) to discuss the book as we work our way through it.

WARNING: there will be spoilers.

The basic premise of the book as I understand it now is that there is a large body of evidence that violence has been in steady decline over the course of modern human history. Various factors such as the media focus on violence might give us the impression that violence is on the increase, but the book aims to give evidence to the contrary, and also to explore how acknowledging the decline of violence might impact our lives.

I think the quote that most stood out to me from the preface was this:

It's a valid point - this book focuses on the reasons for peace and the ways we are getting it right. It could be useful to us to know the how and why of increasing peace in our lives.


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