Book Review - "The Big Book of Sex Toys" by Tristan Taormino

Tristan Taormino wasn’t kidding when she named her latest book "The Big Book of Sex Toys!" The book is huge! Well, not huge as in you can barely carry it to your coffee table, but massively packed full of more knowledge than you can shake a dildo at (and don’t worry, you’ll learn exactly how to shake it just right).

While this beautiful hardback book with tasteful, full-color images and easy to navigate organization gets 10 points for being stylish, smart and sexy, that's really just the surface. To sum it up – this book is a book about sex toys that is so much more than a book about sex toys.

From the first page, Taormino’s relaxed writing and wit take the taboo out of the topic and lets the reader really explore sex toys from the ground up – starting with breaking stereotypes and (my personal favorite) a quick brush up on genital anatomy. I love that Tristan (sex writer/educator extraordinaire) makes sure to work from a solid foundation before moving on to materials and toy types. I mean really, you don’t want to be explaining clitoral vibes to someone who has no clue where their clit is…

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