book review: the boy in the suitcase

i recently finished the boy in the suitcase by lene kaaberbol and agnete friis and was excitingly pleased with how well written the novel was. the writing style is reminiscent of the girl who played with fire series – heavily intertwining both english and scandinavian phrases and backdrops. i picked out the novel via a sale on my kindle! woot! and was excited to read such a great thriller. one thing i was unimpressed with was the amount of spelling errors in the kindle version – not sure if the paperback has such errors but there seemed to be some frequent typos.

anyways! on to the review! this novel follows nina borg, who is a mother of two and red-cross nurse, in her journey as she discovers a 3 year old boy folded into a suitcase at a major train station. when nina’s friend karin asks for her help with picking up a package – she doesn’t realize what she’s in for or the dangerous journey that’s ahead of her. barely alive, and unable to communicate in nina’s native language, she worries if the child is involved in human trafficking or has been kidnapped and now as she travels the country – trying to figure out what to do with the boy – she becomes deeply entangled in the fight for young markus.

markus’ mother, sigita, in the meantime, awakes in a hospital after blacking out and finds that her son is missing. a neighbor notified her that markus was picked up by his father – which, as sigita discovers, is not true as markus’ father is not in town. sigita moves into her own journey to find her son. who snatched up markus? where did he go? sigita fights a deadline to find her son before further harm happens to him.

this novel is a thriller, as it follows nina on-the-run with markus in search of a safe place and her desire to return him to his home safely, as well as follows sigita’s adventure to find her son who vanished from no where. great book and will keep you on your  toes!

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