Book Review - The Fall of the Governor Part Two




A good trilogy of books has come to a close and I am sad to see the end. I just finished reading The Fall of the Governor Part Two by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga. In this last chapter in the Governor's life, he and Rick Grimes meet again in the ultimate showdown. Neither one of the communities story ends happy as we know from the comics but the Governor pays the price with his life.

In the opening of the book the Governor is fighting for his life after his meeting with Michonne. Woodbury's residents are kept in the dark on his condition while Lilly takes the reigns during his recovery. The Governor we see as he recovers is even darker than before and his only objective is finding the prison and getting revenge on Michonne and Rick.

The prison battle is brutal, walkers and humans, fighting it out with many casualties. Rick, during his escape loses his wife and baby by the gun of Lilly. Lilly seeing that she has killed a helpless woman and child loses all control and finally sees the Governor for the monster he has become.

The death of Phillip Blake, the Governor, is bittersweet for the inhabitants of Woodbury. In the end under Lilly's leadership they hope to thrive in a new more peaceful environment. Well, peaceful as can be in a zombie apocalypse.

I have read that Kirkman plans on teaming up with Bonansinga for some more Walking Dead books. I hope that they will take on some new characters from the comics as well as continue the story of Lilly and the Woodbury survivors.

And on another note, I guess it will be a while before I have any new The Walking Dead posts as I have read all volumes of the comics as well as the books. The show will not return till October so I guess I will have to move on for now. Now to decide which book I will pick up next.

Happy Reading everyone.



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