Book Review: Glimpse by Steven Whibley

Glimpse by Steven WhibleyTitle: Glimpse (The Dean Curse Chronicles)
Author: Steven Whibley
Genre: Young Adult
Copyright: 2013
Publisher: Steven Whibley Publishing
Page Length: 224
ISBN-13: 978-0991920808

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

In Glimpse by Steven Whibley, the few minutes Dean takes to rescue a stranger from a mugging ends up changing the course of his life. Following the mugging, Dean begins hallucinating.  His dad chalks up Dean’s strange behavior to post-traumatic stress disorder; but, Dean and his best friends, Colin and Lisa, believe something else is going on. What they discover leads Dean to chasing the clock to help keep people safe.

The young adult story poses predestination against action. Dean’s hallucinations grant him a choice to let events unfold or to interfere with hopes for a better outcome. Ultimately, asking whether you should save a stranger’s life if it meant risking your own?

Is Glimpse right for your young adult? If you’re child has read Hunger Games, then they’re the right age for Glimpse. The story is not as violent as Hunger Games, but does deal with death and dying, and some scenes are less than Disney-esque.  Dean is not Katniss-like; he reminded me more of Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, a Greg who develops into a Peeta-type character, a kind-hearted teen of action.

As for the writing, kudos to Whibley. The pacing and plot development of Glimpse flip the pages. I wouldn’t have known it was self-published without checking the publisher details.  I did find one wardrobe mistake I’d probably not have caught if I wasn’t taking notes, but other than that the book is well-edited and a fun read.  Glimpse is the first novel of the 3-part Dean Curse Chronicles; Relic and Impact are already available, so no waiting a year for the next adventure installment.


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