Book Review: Love @ First Click

It’s not often that a book lives up to its proclamation of being the “ultimate guide” to such-and-such. And when it comes to something as ever-evolving as online dating, the possibility of covering everything you need to know on the topic in under 300 pages is impossible…right? Not when the person writing the guide is Laurie Davis, the eFlirtExpert and author of the new book, Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating (out January 82013). When your online dating pedigree dates back to the days of A/S/L (that’s age/sex/location for you younguns) on AIM and includes getting engaged to a man you met via Twitter, you’ve pretty much earned the right to pen the definitive directions for finding a match online.

I was lucky enough to read an advanced digital copy of the book for a review, but by Chapter Three, I’d scrambled over to Amazon to preorder a physical copy of my very own. This is a book that demands underlining, post-it markers, and note-taking. If the word didn’t conjure up images of all-night cram sessions, I’d be tempted to call Love at First Click the textbook of online dating. It’s that informative and detailed. From exactly what kind of pictures to upload to your profile (in what order!) to how to express your best digital self, to finding the right site for you, this book has everything you’ll ever need to navigate the oft confusing waters of online dating. But don’t be scared off by the amount of info included in this book. Davis relays it like the pro she is, in a conversational tone that reads like your most level-headed friend whispering instructions in your ear.

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