Book Review- Nina Bonita by Ana Maria Machado


By:  Ana Maria Machado

This beautiful  book was given to Ms. Bree as a Christmas present (Thanks Grandma!!).  

Nina Bonita is available in English & Spanish for those who have bilingual children.  Ms. Bree was given the hardcover English version.

The very fist thing my daughter noticed was Nina Bonita's dark and curly hair- "look just like mine mami".  As we continued to read the book she then noticed the picture where Nina Bonita's mother was braiding her hair and using colorful ribbons.  Yes, just like we do...   

This is a story about a little white rabbit who fells in love with Nina Bonita's dark skin and how he wanted to be as dark and pretty as she was.  After three failed attempts, he finally discovered why Nina Bonita's skin is so dark and pretty, it's all about genetics.

I love the illustrations, they are very simple and colorful.   This is a perfect book for the little ones who are just beginning to read by themselves, it teaches them acceptance with a sense of humor and it also teaches them that all shades of color are beautiful.

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