book review: wild

a few months ago i saw that they were making the book wild by cheryl strayed into a movie starring reese witherspoon. although i’ve seen the book pop up on recommended reading lists, this preview was honestly what prompted me to actually purchase the book and add it to my reading list. i’m honestly really glad that i chose this book since it was so different than what i have been reading lately.

wild is the journey of 20-something cheryl strayed and is an autobiographical account of her 1,000 mile trek of the pacific crest trail. the trail runs north to south from mexico up into canada, but cheryl started her journey in southern california, working her way up to washington state. she finds herself in the midst of a crossroads in her life; her marriage is failing, she’s confused on what she wants and where to go and she just lost her mother to cancer. so she sells all of her worldly belongings, separates from her husband and starts a journey on search for something … clarity, maybe?

she’s a woman alone, with no hiking experience, let alone long distance hiking experience, that treks through the woods, snow, mountains and comes across everything from rattle snakes and grizzly bears to frigid temperatures [and excruciating heat] and predatory men/hunters. she does make some friends a long the way and learns how to stretch the few bucks that she has to keep her afloat until she hits each pit stop along the trail, where she has occasional packages delivered to replenish her food supply.

there are some times when you’ll cringe reading the book – either she will be caught in a situation where you’ll fear for her little blonde self, or she will be reckless and unrelatable [she had a stint with heroin]. but there will also be many times where you’ll feel like you’re immersed in the journey with her and can see the land appear before your eyes as she makes her way along the trail. it’s a quick read, and a great book to “get lost” in … definitely recommend checking it out … especially before the movie is released this winter!

the “real” cheryl strayed and reese witherspoon

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