Book Review: The Witch's Daughter

paula brackston’s the witch’s daughter had the unfortunate privilege to be the first book i read after i was pulled out of mydivergent coma. not to say that this book was bad, but it was definitely no fourtris love affair …

the book first takes place in the 1600′s where elizabeth hawksmith and her family of farmers live a normal life in their small community in england. her mother is a known “healer” in the community and aids those that are suffering and also assists as a midwife. the plague then strikes their village and wipes out many people in their community and fingers begin pointing that the plague is driven by witch craft. elizabeth’s mother is fingered as a witch and is sentenced to death after she and elizabeth are the only one’s in their family that survive the plague while many other people perished. upon her death, elizabeth’s mother tells her to seek out gideon masters – a peculiar man that lives in the woods, that can help her.

after her mother dies, elizabeth does seek out gideon who she finds out to be a warlock set on making elizabeth his lifelong companion. she then spends the next 300+ years of her life running from his grasp and in fear of her soul/life being taken by gideon and his evil ways.

the book moves from time period to time period and takes the reader on elizabeth’s voyage of re-defining herself and making a new life when she can, all on the heals of gideon who disguises himself in pursuit of her. sometimes raunchy and disturbing, i think the author did a good job of developing elizabeth’s character but failed at providing back story to gideon and his motivations. it also wraps up pretty quickly at the end with minimal explanation of what eventually happens to elizabeth or gideon. it’s an easy read with some rough chapters to get through – in terms of the actions that gideon’s character partakes in. so, if you’re game for a wild and raucous ride, you might want to give this novel a chance.


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