Book Review/Book of the Month- Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing

July 2012 Vol. IV, No.3 Recovering The Self: A Journal of Hope and Healing, by Trisha Faye, Ernest Dempsey and Victor Volkman.

Not your traditional read because it's a journal but it's full of many wonderful stories and poems. Some are more academic in style while others are written in the manner of your favourite traditional, non-fiction novel.

I was drawn to this piece of work because of the life cycle that I and many of you are currently in. Our parents, grandparents, and other people in our lives are getting older, sicker and dying. Some may see it as an unfortunate but always unending part of the life cycle. Others see it as the ending of a beautiful journey. None of us are alone in the process, but many of us do not talk about it. Many of us don't share our thoughts, our fears. Our anger, our relief. Our happiness, our love.

Some of the stories stood out to me so much, that they actually choked me up a little. A testament to great writing, in my opinion. Some of them also made me laugh out right because they're true to life and what I've often heard myself.

One of the stories that hit home for me was "Dad Called" by Laura Gardner page, 26-29. It was a another reminder about having patience with our parents and the older people in our lives. Whether we like it or not they will slow down, physically. Some, mentally as well. It's a reminder of no matter how busy and tired we are in our own lives, we need to find the time for them because they will not be here with us forever. There will come a time when we will long for that phone call, that is interrupting our day, but there won't be one. A personal and great reminder for myself, who is always looking to increase her patience meter.

I was also interested in learning from others how they cope with the aging people in their lives. If you're feeling as though you are the only one frustrated or angry, the stories in this journal, will help to reassure you that you aren't the only one. There is a lot of sadness but there are also quirky and funny stories told. A poem that made me chuckle was "Women, 80, Stranded" by Patricia Wellingham-Jones, on page 83. To sum it up, she's an older woman, who is lost on a road trip. I love this poem because if it was someone younger, she would just be lost. But because it's someone older, many of us jump to the conclusion that it's the senility of old age and she doesn't know what to do.

If you're looking for a change in your reading material, this journal is a great way to start.

I give July 2012 Vol. IV, No.3 Recovering The Self A Journal of Hope and Healing an overall, 4/5 . (I was given this journal in exchange for this review, but this did not influence my rating, like/dislike of this book.)

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