Book Reviewer/Freelance Writer seeks Writing Opportunities

I'd like to develop a larger business network as a book reviewer and freelance writer.  I am looking for:

A way to get on more book publishers' lists.  I am looking for help navigating the process of getting books sent to me for review.  

More outlets for my reviews and other writing.  In addition to book reviews, I write features of various arts, literary, and community-based sorts.  (I'm in the NY/NJ area.)  I am also eager to learn about other areas of web-based writing, such as blogging, or more commercial copywriting. 

I am interested in guest-blogging about books, reading choices, the writing process (essays and poetry) and tackling pop culture from an analytical perspective. 

 I am also interested in getting feedback on my site from established bloggers, especially those who use their blog to seek further writing opportunities.  I want to improve my blog and website as a networking and marketing resource, to generate a stronger book reviewing business.

Thanks everyone, and please spread the word to anyone you can think of!


- Elizabeth