A book is where I hide from my demons. Where do you go?

Where do you go when you want to escape from the universe?   When you want to separate your identity from the masses?

No husband. Wife. Kids. Pets. Friends. Just you? Where do you go??

I hide in a book with a glass of wine at my elbow and I dive into characters whose life in no way resembles mine.  Or maybe they do.  But the best thing is that it’s not me  and I get to escape reality for as long as I can keep my eyes on the words in the book.  I’m hooked on stories with a defined ending.  I know its going to end whether good, bad, happy or sad at the end of the book it all ceases.

I escape, I hide, I distract with a book.

Where do you go?  Where is your hideout?  Your outlet?

When you want to unplug and do away with the humdrum of everyday life do you find yourself in a book? Drawing? Singing? Dancing? Drinking? Cooking? Eating?

Or other less accepted things which most won’t admit to?

Where do you go when you need a change of view?

Where do you go when you want to escapeyou?

escape into a book

from: MoodyMoomy.com


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