Are You a Foodie?

Book Discussion

I'm NOT a foodie.

That is to say, I love talking about food and coming up with new ideas for ways to cook it. I'm an enthusiastic diner. Much of my career has concerned words about food, in some way or another. Even the nonprofits I support are mostly about food, in some way or another.

I just HATE the word "foodie." It sounds so ... snooty. Like I'm That Person who's going to embarrass you by Instagramming every bite at every restaurant, or spoil your dinner party by critiquing your chicken.

Cherries at BlogHer '12 - Danielle Tsi Photography

I did not Instagram these cherries at BlogHer Food '12 -- this gorgeous photo is by Danielle Tsi Photography.

I promise not to do that, if you promise not to laugh about my two bookshelves dedicated to food topics. One is all cookbooks. The other food bookshelf is sorted by fiction (mystery), fiction (other), memoir, reference, non-fiction (other), with a separate section for wine, beer, and spirits.

Yeah. Okay.

If you mean "really into food," or "food geek," or "get a life already" -- okay, I'm SUCH A TOTAL foodie.

What about you? Do you eat to live, live to eat, or somewhere in between? Do you hate the word "foodie," too?

BlogHer Roots Food e-Book cover


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