The Beach Trees is a MUST Read

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Karen White's The Beach Trees grabs your attention in just the first few paragraphs, or it did to mine. Karen writes about a family that lives in the Gulf Coast, through several hurricanes and the last being Katrina. Its a story about survival. How life's tragedies and natural disasters have in common. How just a little faith and small steps can build up something new again.

Opening up The Beach Trees, you meet Julie. A adult scared by a tragedy in her long ago past, that recently went through another with the passing of her dear friend. That dear friend, Monica, left her the most valuable things that was important to her, her son and her share of a house in Biloxi, Mississippi. Armed with nothing more than Beau, her friend's 5 year old son, what little money she had in the bank and the key to the house, she sets out to make a new life for Beau in Biloxi. Having no idea that the house her friend talked so much about is not there any more, as it was destroyed by Katrina.

As I kept reading, I met Aimee and Trey, Beau and Monica's relatives. And you start to unravel the mystery as to why Monica left so many years before. You learn about Aimee's life and see how the little things heal the wounded. Just like the little steps of rebuilding gives hope for a new life in the Gulf after Katrina and the Oil Spill. And in the end, answers are found, hearts are healed and new lives were being built. A wonderful book that I recommend for everyone to pick up and read.

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