The Beach Trees has Something for Everyone

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The Beach Trees by Karen White is a book that has a little bit of everything. There are some elements of mystery, romance, suspense, historical fiction, and literary fiction. This would truly be a great book for book clubs of all sorts. The included discussion guide gives great starter questions for those groups and highlights each of the different genres this book hits.

One of favorite parts of this book is the way that past events are casually woven into the story. Having watched the news coverage of Hurricane Katrina when it was a fresh event, I remember it well. What I didn’t know, however, was how people rebuilt their lives. Although this is a fictionalized account, I could really feel the loyalty people had to coming back and making the New Orleans area stronger than ever before. It was really interesting to read about previous hurricanes and the decision people had to make then whether or not to rebuild. It just goes to show that while details may change, life itself isn’t much different from one generation to the next -- we all have our problems, our loves, and our choices to make.

The characters in this story are very real and believable. They each had their flaws, but they were doing the best they could. In the end, that’s really all we can ask of each other. The relationships built in the book don’t necessarily come with ease, but each person has to learn to trust and to love.

With something to offer to everyone, this is one book that will likely be passed around your group of friends, giving you something to discuss and enjoy together. Each person will find something unique in the story to mark as their favorite aspect, giving a depth to your conversation. The Beach Trees is definitely a story that will appeal to a diverse group of women.


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