I Want To See The Beach Trees

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I have a confession.

I judge a book by it's cover.  Always. (Gasp!  Go ahead and lecture me on how I should never do that.) 

Karen White's book, The Beach Trees, didn't get special treatment.  I totally judged.  First impression... totally drew me in.  Gorgeous.  Clear blue sky.  Sandy beach.  Ocean as far as the eye can see.  I wanted to dive right in. 

I will tell you now... covers can be deceiving.  Or, they can be right on... but you don't realize until you're staring at a cover trying to write a review.

That clear blue sky is vast.  That sandy beach contains millions of grains of sand.  That ocean is deep. 

Had I thought about those things I would have been prepared for how much would be found within the covers of The Beach Trees.  I now sit and try to think what I should tell someone about this book.  Which grains of sand do I share?  So many topics swirl in my head when I think, "What was The Beach Trees about?"  Tragedy and loss.  Surviving.  Family.  Love.  Rebuilding.  Mystery.  Connections.  Living.  Home.  Which to expand on?  What would make you understand?

I’ve never been drawn to New Orleans.  I never really felt like it was a place I just HAD to visit.  I don’t know why.  Just wasn’t.  But now...

I think I relate to Julie Holt (one of the main characters).  When she first arrives in New Orleans she questions why people bother rebuilding.  Why would they bother when another hurricane can come at any time?  What's the point?  Through her growing relationships with the family she's suddenly and unexpectedly connected with she begins to understand.  There is a reason to rebuild after devastating tragedy.  It is possible to live after loss.  By following her story... I can understand too.

The world that Karen White creates is full.  It's complicated.  It's real.  It's beautiful.  She makes me want to go to New Orleans and walk the streets.  I want to drive down First Street and find the pink Victorian with the beautiful garden.  I want to watch a Mardi Gras parade from a balcony.  I want to take a drive to Biloxi and pull up in front of River Song to see it in it's glory.  I want to spend a night whispering on the sleeping porch.  I want to hear the bark of the skimmers.  I want to be friends with Julie Holt.  I want my girls to play with Beau.  I want to hear stories directly from Aimee Guidry's mouth. 

I want to see the beach trees. 

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