A Discovery of Witches Leaves You Wanting More

BlogHer Review
A Discovery of Witches brought a world of magical creatures to life with bits or romance and mystery intertwined. Dr. Diana Bishop, a non-practicing witch, slowly discovers her powers are so much more than she ever thought after she is able to obtain a long lost manuscript, Ashmole 782. This manuscript contains details about magical creatures and has been sought after for many years. After she obtained the manuscript her life is irreversibly changed as daemons, witches and vampires begin to pursue her.

discovery of witchesMatthew Clairmont, a 1500 year old vampire, soon enters the picture and Diana can’t resist his charm even though a relationship between a witch and a vampire is taboo. As the story progresses you journey through Oxford England to the French Countryside and onto New York and at each stop you are acquainted with a whole new set of characters which provided an opportunity to delve deeper into Diana and Matthews lives and the people who surround them.

I really enjoyed how Deborah Harkness brought to life to various worlds of magical creatures, each creature had enough powers to differential themselves , but still fell realistic. At one point I did wonder when the action was going to begin, but luckily the action turned up just a few pages later as the story continued to delve into Ashmole 782 and its importance. The story brought together science and history which made it very interesting with a nice twist at the end which makes you anxious to find out when the sequel will come out.


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