Divided Loyalties In Faithful Place

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Faithful Place by Tana French is a gripping story of a Dublin police detective and the love of his life who went missing 22 years earlier. Filled with family tensions, love lost and all the turbulent emotions of growing up in a broken family, this book is both a fascinating mystery and an intense exploration of human existence.

The main character, Frank Mackey, is incredibly well written and realistic; torn between the tragedies of his old life and the complexities of the new, the family he left behind and the one he is trying to hold together, Frank gets pulled into investigating the circumstances of his girlfriend's disappearance. He is also forced to reinterpret his own history when the core belief he has shaped his entire life around turns out to be wrong. The central character, the missing girl Rosie Daly, is so vividly described that we too feel her vibrancy and spirit, making her ill fated vanishing that much more heartbreaking.

Tana French writes with clear and concise language, zipping the story right along as clues unfold and answers are found, but she also creates a world that fully encompasses the reader. I could hear the Irish accents of each character, I could see the rows of houses lining the street at Faithful Place. This is the first book I have read by this author, but I assure you, it will not be the last.

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