Do You Choose Happiness?

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It is entirely possible that Guy, the main character in Jeremy Page's Sea Change, simply does not know how to be happy. In the opening pages it seems we catch glimpses of it but as the story goes on it seems that happiness is not something Guy is willing to fight for.

I am not discounting his grief. Guy's grief consumes him. I'm just not sure that Guy was ever really happy. That day in the field with Freya and Judy seems idyllic but was it really? Or was it filtered through the the lens of Guy's memories? When we meet Guy later and he remembers his past... I never got the feeling that he was happy but rather that he thought he should be.


Credit: Vinni

Even in his fictional life he can't quite grasp happiness in his hands. The Guy in the journal sees it:

"All he had to do was to accept it. But he hadn't. And he wonders why not. He wonders why we can't make the choices in life that could make us happy. " p. 167

Do you allow yourself to make the choices that could make you happy?

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