Do You Ever Go On Dates - By Yourself?

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While it's true that I suck at morning pages, it's equally true that I love Julia Cameron's Artist's Dates. The weekly artist dates suggestions are probably my favourite part of the My Artist's Way Toolkit. Cameron describes Artist's Dates as "once-weekly, festive, solo expeditions to explore something that interests you." The date itself may not always been something creative -- it could be as simple as going for a walk -- but it's a tool to spark your creative process. It's a chance to play, have a little fun and to jog your imagination.

I could make up my own Artist's Dates. It wouldn't necessarily be hard. I could say that I need to go the arboretum or that I need to walk through the woods. I make it a mission to find an ice-cream truck. In the winter I could go sledding or skating. The problem, for me, is that it takes time to not only do those things but to also think of them. It take willpower. It's so much easier for me to make it a priority if I have an assignment.

I generally dislike assignments but Artist's Dates don't feel like the kind of assignments I used to get in school -- they feel like assigned playtime. Artist's Dates are a chance for me to take a break from my to do list and just cut loose. They allow me to refill my writing well.

ocean chairs beach

Credit: Giftedtypist on Flickr

I do, however, have to confess that I don't always do them in order. I am not going to do this week's Artist's Date, which instructs you to take a walk alone the beach, for a few more weeks. There are beaches in my city -- small ones -- but in a few weeks I'll be on vacation someplace where there are much better beaches. If I may get away with using the famous words of a local character, they have more "scope for imagination." I plan to do a lot of sitting by the beach and staring out out the water. With any luck I'll come back with my writing well not only refilled, but overflowing.

Have you gone on an Artist's Date? What did you do?

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