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One of the things I loved most about Eleanor Brown's The Weird Sisters were all of the lovely passages about books and libraries. Almost every time books were mentioned I found myself wanting to stick a Post-It on that page to mark its spot. Brown and the Andreas sisters understood book lovers.

Our parents has trained us to become readers, and the town's library had been the one place, other than church, that we visited every week. When we were young, we had three little red wagons that we would pull into town like a parade each Saturday morning, our mother at the head like the high-stepping grand marshal. Rose liked to go last, to keep an eye on the rest of us, particularly Cordy, who was usually in desperate need of it. p. 50

I think my first library card was for my elementary school's library. I can still picture the library with the picture books along one side and the chapter books along another. The small green leather couches that formed a semi-circle. The non-fiction books were across from the librarian's desk, mostly used for school projects rather than recreational reading. I know we visited it often but it never seemed like it was enough.

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I didn't visit my town's library often, though I did get a card for there as well. It was small and since we didn't live in town it was a bit out of the way. I used to spend every other weekend with my father and he'd take me to the "big" library with its children's section that was larger than my town's entire library. I loved that place. It was big and sunny and everything that a children's section of a library should be. I remember "graduating" to the young adult section that was shelved near the adult section downstairs. It felt horribly grown up, but I kind of missed the sunny children's section.

I've moved around a bit since high school and sometimes I've lived in places with very good libraries (and library systems) and sometimes I haven't. It's made me appreciate libraries so, so much more than I even did as a kid. I'd be lost without my library card. Completely and totally lost.

Do you have a library card?

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