Do You Know Your Inner Wild Girl?

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I tend to think that more adult responsibilities we get and the more grown-up we act, the more we lose our childlike enthusiasm for things. Some people might argue that's a good thing, but I don't agree. I think there's a lot to be said for maintaining our joie de vivre. It made me sad to see Cate's inner wild girl retreat farther and farther away from the surface in Jessica Spotswood's Born Wicked.

When I was her age, I liked to run through the gardens, and I suppose I was careless with my magic, too. Now I have to play mother for Tess and Maura, and ignore the wild girl that still bangs in my heart, begging to be let out. P. 4

I think we all have an inner wild girls. Mine is a mix of many girls. She is a part wood nymph. She loves being in the woods, surrounded by tall trees, and she likes to rest on mossy logs. She's also a klutz that is prone to tripping in rabbit holes and hurting her ankles. You would think that a wood nymph would be graceful, but mine is not.

My inner wild girl is also part naiad or oceanid. But hopefully not part siren. She seeks out places to live near water, even if it is only the neighborhood stream. Water calms her but can also energize her. Once upon a time, she had darned good sea legs, too.

girl at ocean

Credit: Mike Baird on Flickr

My inner wild girl is also part rocker chick -- rebellious and headstrong. She defies authority and creates her own rules for life. She pushes back against other people's expectations of what her life should be like. She drinks in dive bars and wears combat boots. When my inner rocker chick is present, I can go with the flow in large crowds, which normally freak me out. She could rule the world.

All my inner wild girls are in contrast to my introverted self, but they are always present just below the surface. They are the ones who urge me to take chances. They push me out of the house and encourage me to meet new people. They send me out on adventures. My wild girls challenge me and make me a better person.

We caught glimpses of Cate's inner wild girl. We saw a bit of who she would be without the weight of the responsibility to keep her sisters safe. We saw who she could be if she could live without fear. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a bit more of Cate's wild girl in future books.

Do you know your inner wild girl? Who is she?

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