Do You Look Up?

Book Discussion

In Linwood Barclay's Trust Your Eyes lives are charged by the simple decision to look up. Had Thomas not looked up from the street view in the online map, they never would have discovered a crime. Had Ray looked up at a window when they were teenagers, Thomas's life may have been very different.

Each time someone mentioned looking up in the book I realized how rarely I actually do look up. I do try to stay pretty aware of what's happening around me but I tend to keep my focus at street level. Ok, fine. I tend to keep a lot of my focus on the actual ground. It's a self-preservation thing. I'm a complete klutz and have been known to trip over cracks in the sidewalks. I have the scuffs on the tips of all my shoes to prove it.


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Trust Your Eyes reminded me why it's important to be aware of my surroundings. No, not because I think I may witness a crime but because there are things happening all the time -- things that I'll never see if I keep my eyes focused on the ground. I'm going to make more of an effort to look around. And to look up. Here's hoping I don't trip too often.

Are you generally aware of what's happening around you? Do you look up?

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