Do You Really Know What Your Kids are Eating at School?

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While filming Two Angry Moms and writing Lunch Wars Amy Kalafa found many surprising things in school lunches. Some of the caffeinated beverages and fried foods in the school cafeteria were expected, but learning just how much of this junk food was being served at school was surprising. Things like candy being used as a reward in the classroom made her realize that kids were exposed to a lot more junk food than even she thought.

She really thought that she knew what her kids were eating. She didn't account for the food rewards in classrooms. I have to confess that candy as a reward surprised me as well. As I've mentioned, candy generally wasn't allowed in my school. Kids' parents didn't send them to school with cookie or cupcakes for the whole class on their birthday. We came with our lunches and that was it.

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Based on my own experience of making not quite so healthy choices, I'm not surprised that when children are offered both healthy and less healthy options, they go for the less healthy ones. There were healthier options, but I know that for me, I got a lot more food for less money when I bought the junk food.

In our discussion about what we ate in school, there was much of the same. Many of us in the discussion could not really believe what we ate as kids and teens. It also seemed that many of our parents didn't know either.

Have you ever visited the school cafeteria at lunch time as Amy's suggested? Are there food rewards in your child's classroom? Even if you send your kid to school with lunch, do you really know really know what your kids are eating?

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