Do You Trust the Right People?

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Vanessa Williams didn't always trust the right people. She made this clear in You Have No Idea, the book that she and her mother, Helen Williams, wrote together. She mistrusted two photographers much to her detriment. Not many people would have bounced back successfully from being forced to step down as Miss America but Vanessa did. This is in part due to her also putting her trust in the right people.

It's easy to say that Vanessa should have known better than to trust a photographer who asked her pose naked. It's really easy to think that we'd never have done that or that our children would never do that. I know that Helen thought that it was something her daughter would never do. The photographer who released the photographs was someone that Vanessa considered a friend. While I'm sure many people don't have friends that have nude photos of them, I am also sure that many of us have also felt betrayed by someone that we trusted. I know I have.

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I've trusted a lot of the wrong people over the years. I've had friends and boyfriends turn out not to be the people I thought they were. I'm not going to claim complete innocence either -- I'm sure that people from my past feel that their trust in me was misplaced, as well. For the most part, I feel fortunate that I've trusted the right people and that I've been respectful for the trust other put in me.

Do you put your trust in the right people?

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